ACFE UK Chapter – Training & Events The ACFE UK Chapter has a history of running informative, educational and highly enjoyable events throughout the year. These include training days designed to cater for all levels of knowledge and understanding ranging from a basic level through to the highly-experienced, as well as social networking events, and an Annual Conference. Opportunities for potential sponsors are always available, and we would invite interested parties to get in touch, email Forthcoming Events


Fraud Conference Europe

ACFE European Conference

20 CPE

Location:- Convene

22 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4BQ, United Kingdom


Pre-Conference: Interviewing Victims, Witnesses, and Suspects: Practical Interviewing for the Fraud Investigator
1: Opening General Session: Malia Politzer
2A: Agile Auditing for Fraud Examiners
2B: Behavioural Strategies to Influence People to Do the Right Thing, Sponsored by Guidehouse
3A: What Does Best Practice Look Like?
3B: Establishing Efficient Investigation Frameworks in Multinational Organisations
4: Keynote Panel Discussion: Impacts of the 2023 UK Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act
5A: Risk Trends and Preventive Measures in Dealing with Cyberfraud
5B: Jatropha Trees, Green Investing, and Lost Pensions: An ESG Fraud Case Study
6A: Red Flags of FTX: Due Diligence for Fraud Protection in Unregulated Markets, Sponsored by Pinkerton
6B: Becoming an Effective Leader
7: General Session: Neil Martin
8A: From Tip to Top: An Information-Leakage Case
8B: The Role of Internal Audit in Providing Assurance Against Fraud, Sponsored by Chartered IIA
9A: Evolving Fraud Detection: Unveiling Anomalies with Data Analytics and Monitoring
9B: How Monitors Leverage Fraud Detection When Certifying a Global Corporation
10: General Session: Henry Ajder
11A: Leveraging Data Analytics for Effective QAIP in Fraud Investigations
11B: Fraud Investigation in a Digital Age: Using Traditional OSINT and AI Tools
12A: Leveraging Sanctions to Promote a Culture of Integrity
12B: Cryptocurrency Fraud Trends on the Ethereum Blockchain


Certified Fraud Examiner Exam Review Course – Virtual  26-29th February 2024.

This is the only Exam review course in the UK, book your place on this course contact Tim Harvey

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The global fight against fraud and corruption depends on having the knowledge, skills, experience and resources to combat increasingly sophisticated criminals, here and abroad. The Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is the perfect course for anyone looking to gain a qualification that positions you as a leader in the anti-fraud community and a specialist in the prevention and detection of fraud. The CFE Exam Review Course combines the study of financial transactions and reporting with an understanding of law, investigations and other methods, which can be used to effectively detect, manage and prevent instances of fraud in all guises. Given the broad range of issues considered and the skills acquired throughout the programme, those who pass the CFE Exam review course obtain a portfolio of knowledge and abilities that supports a diverse range of career development opportunities in the cutting edge market of fraud prevention. The ACFE is the world’s largest anti-fraud organisation. For nearly 30 years the ACFE has been the leading provider of anti-fraud training and education, and now has nearly 90,000 members in more than 150 countries. The CFE certification denotes proven expertise in the deterrence, detection and prevention of fraud. It is recognised by the City of London Police, the U.S. Department of Defence, the FBI, SEC, IRS, as well as a host of other institutions worldwide.

Key Benefits

  • Advance your career in fraud prevention
  • Gain professional credibility
  • Impact your company’s bottom line
  • Potential to become qualified in 4 days
  • Internationally recognised  fraud qualification