ACFE UK Sponsorship

The ACFE UK Chapter runs a variety of training and networking events throughout the year which are open to both our 1000-plus, and rapidly growing, membership and also to non-members from a wide range of industries.

We are a non-profit making chapter, which aims to keep the cost of attendance at our events to a minimum, with the proceeds being reinvested in future projects. Sponsorship helps us achieve this whilst offering those that support us an exceptional targeted opportunity to reach both our members and industry contacts.

If you or your company would like to reach out and engage with the Anti-fraud community, there is no better way of raising your profile than to become a partner with us at our flagship annual conference, or at one of our popular training days or networking events.


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Corporate Alliance

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City of London Police

are a ‘supporting agency’ of the ACFE, and members of the ACFE Law Enforcement and Government Partnership, to find out more click here. CoLP has released a series of videos available to the public to highlight the risks of bribery and corruption, click here.